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About Jewelry Repair

We understand the sentimental value your jewelry holds and we are here for you to restore and repair your cherished pieces to their former glory.

Our network of experienced jewelers is not only able to solder broken parts, set stones, and resize rings. But also, change earrings, necklaces, and bracelet closures, restore small handmade detailing in antique jewelry pieces, as well as any other type of repair or restoration. More complicated repairs may be sent to respective manufacturers upon the customer's consent to ensure the best quality of work.

Examples of our repair services include (but are not limited to) the following:


we can solder all precious metals and sometimes we are able to repair a piece of costume jewelry. However we are not able to solder stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, etc.

Ring resizing

majority of the rings are resizable to accommodate your preferences. However, it's crucial to note that while resizing is a common and routine process, there are instances where complications may arise, making resizing more expensive or, in some cases, impossible.

Broken clasp replacement

spring locks are not repairable, we replace them. Other types of locks maybe repaired or replaced for the new ones – based on the of customer’s preferences.

Earring pair backing replacement

if you have earrings with inconvenient or uncomfortable backs, don't let that stop you from wearing them. Earring backs can often be replaced with a different type to enhance comfort and convenience.

Restringing pearls and gem necklaces

we restring pearls and beads necklaces

Setting loose stones or replacing lost stones

if you lose a stone from your piece of jewelry, we’ll help you to replace it. We also check how secure the other stones are.

Cleaning and polishing

Jewelry requires regular cleaning to maintain its appearance and integrity. Proper cleaning can prevent long-term damage and ensure that gemstones maintain their brilliance and metals are untarnished and properly polished

Changing stone settings

The setting of stones in your jewelry can be changed based on your preferences. Whether you desire a different style, need to replace a damaged setting, or simply want to update the look of your piece, our skilled jewelers can assist you in making the desired changes.

Re-enforcing prongs holding stones in place

As much as we would like to give you set prices for the aforementioned repairs, we are unable to do so due to the unique circumstances of each repair or restoration. Therefore, we need to inspect your item before giving you a quote for the repair.

No need to make an appointment to drop off your item for the inspection prior to repair - just bring it to our store during normal business hours and leave it under the repair receipt.

We will have your jewelry examined by our jeweler to give you an accurate quote based on the type of work needed to be done. If you approve the repair, it will be done in accordance with the agreed-upon quote.

If you decide it is no longer necessary - you can pick up your item from our store in the same condition in which it was left.

Jewelry Services Repair FAQs

Why did my gemstone fall out?

There are several ways a gemstone can come out:

  • It may have been loose for some time and eventually worked its way out.
  • Metal around the gem was distressed or insufficient.
  • An impact dislodged the stone.
How can I tell if my gemstone or diamond is loose?

To determine if a stone in your jewelry is loose, you can follow these steps:

Visual Inspection:

  • Examine the jewelry closely under good lighting.
  • Look for any visible gaps or spaces between the metal setting and the stone.
  • Check for any movement or rocking of the stone within its setting.

Listen for Sounds:

  • Gently tap the jewelry against your palm or another soft surface.
  • Listen for any rattling or clicking sounds, which could indicate a loose stone.

Professional Inspection:

  • Take your jewelry to a professional jeweler for a thorough inspection.
  • Jewelers have the tools and expertise to check the setting, tighten prongs, and ensure stones are secure.
Can my ring be resized?

Usually, yes! Most precious metal rings can have the sized altered larger or smaller. Blended metals, stones all the way around and vintage rings are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What is the process of resizing a ring?

Increasing the size requires that metal be matched and added. The jeweler will make a precise cut in the ring and with heat (solder or laser) attach the matched metal and blend it invisibly into the ring. Decreasing the size also requires precise cutting, metal removal and ends reattached with heat. Plain rings, with no stones, a uniform thickness and no previous sizing can sometimes be stretched or compressed, no cutting required. Professional jeweler will let you know if this is an option.

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