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About Appraisal Services

Polina Vasilevskaya, the owner of "TORGSYN Antique & Estate Jewelry," holds accreditation as a member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), a recognized standard in the field. Her commitment to professional development is evident through continuous education, ensuring that her appraisal credentials are not only current but also substantiated by the reputable backing of ISA. Clients can trust in Polina's expertise, backed by her affiliation with this esteemed international appraisal society.

Knowing the value of your jewelry and collectibles is crucial for various reasons, including insurance coverage, estate planning, potential sales, and overall asset management.

Examples of our appraisal services are the following:

Insurance Coverage:

Accurate valuation helps ensure that your jewelry and collectibles are adequately insured and your insurance premium is calculated correctly.

Estate Planning:

When planning your estate, knowing the value of your jewelry and collectibles allows you to make informed decisions about how to distribute these assets among heirs or beneficiaries.

Selling or Trading:

If you decide to sell or trade your items, knowing their value helps you set reasonable asking prices or trade-in values. Being well-informed can also prevent you from being taken advantage of during transactions.

Tax Purposes:

Some jurisdictions might require you to pay taxes on valuable items, especially if they appreciate significantly over time. Knowing their value ensures you accurately report such assets.

Financial Planning:

Your jewelry and collectibles contribute to your overall net worth. Understanding their value allows you to have a more accurate picture of your financial situation and aids in financial planning.

Historical Significance:

Collectibles can hold historical or cultural significance. Knowing their value helps ensure their preservation and responsible stewardship for future generations.

Choosing the right appraiser, who has the experience and education required to competently appraise your particular item, can save you from headaches, financial risk, and more.

Before you choose your personal property appraiser, be sure to ask the important questions that inform you of their training and expertise.

This can make all the difference in the quality of your appraisal.

Appraisal Services FAQs

Do not accept an appraisal if:
  • It is handwritten or unsigned.
  • The fee is based on a contingency or upon the value of the property.
  • The appropriate "objective" and "intended use" are not stated.
  • The item is beyond the appraiser's expertise.
  • The appraiser is not willing and able to defend it in court (subject to the appraiser's availability, and separate fee arrangement).
Do you belong to an appraisal society that tests its members?
There are many appraisal organizations, but only a few require members to take courses and pass tests before being admitted as full members.
Do all appraisers have similar qualifications?
No! There are many self-acclaimed personal property appraisers who have not completed any professional education. It is important to ask the prospective appraiser what type of formal appraisal education training he or she has received.
What qualifies you to appraise my property?
A qualified appraiser has formal education in appraisal theory, principles, procedures, ethics, and law. The appraiser should be up to date on the latest appraisal standards. Continuing education and testing are the only ways to ensure this competence. The appraiser you hire should be familiar with the type of property you want appraised and know how to value it correctly.
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